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This statue depicts Meriwether Lewis & William Clark (and Seaman, Lewis' Newfoundland dog). Located in St. Charles' Frontier Park, the statue is near the spot where the famous Corps of Discovery began their trip on May 21, 1804 to explore the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean.  Just behind the statue on the Missouri River stands the Lewis & Clark Boathouse.  The Boathouse is home to full-size working replicas of the boats that Lewis & Clark used on their journey as well as a museum dedicated to the expedition.  It is open to the public


Link:  Lewis & Clark Center


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The old St. Charles County Courthouse viewed from the corner that marks the spot for the beginning of the Boones Lick Trail that grew into the Santa Fe Trail and later the Oregon Trail for the pioneers heading west.  The Boone's Lick Trail was first blazed by Daniel Boone in 1805.


Credit  © Robert Guinness 2006

Link:  Santa Fe Trail


The Building housing the law offices of Guinness & Buehler, LLC. 

Credit:  © Robert Guinness 2014

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