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Construction law is one of the prime areas of concentration for Guinness & Buehler, LLC.  Over the past 25 years, our attorneys have worked extensively in the construction industry.  Guinness & Buehler's attorneys have served as in-house counsel for the Washington Group (formerly MK Ferguson) one of the country’s largest contractors; as arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association’s national construction panel; as presenters at seminars, and as authors of articles on construction issues.  Guinness & Buehler has represented or opposed all major participants in the construction process, including architects, engineers, contractors, bond companies, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, developers, and government entities.  We have worked on cases ranging from multimillion dollar public works projects, to residential defect claims.  Our attorneys include members of the American Bar Associations Forum on the Construction Industry, the Missouri Bar Association’s Construction Law Committee, and the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis’ Construction law Committee.

Construction law is about resolving disputes effectively and efficiently.  Guinness & Buehler brings experience, creativity, and skill to guide their clients through the difficult process of achieving their goals.  We pride ourselves in delivering legal services at a high level of sophistication at moderate cost.  We are pragmatic and appreciate the heavy burden that large firm legal fees can have on the bottom line.  That is why we like to bring cases to trial rather than engage in paper chases.  Because we know our way around a construction site, we know how to focus on the important points that will help bring our clients’ issues to a prompt conclusion.

Guinness & Buehler provides the experience and knowledge necessary to handle its construction clients’ needs on almost any construction issue, including:

Mechanics liens

Environmental issues

Construction and design defects

Construction litigation and arbitration


Prevailing wage claims

Schedule impact analysis

Claims development analysis

Bid protests

Litigation avoidance

Payment claims, including Prompt Payment Act and Miller Act claims

Contract drafting and negotiation

OSHA violations


Our attorneys wrote the authoritative reference on Mechanics Liens in the Missouri Bar Association’s Construction Law deskbook, given seminars on mechanics liens and prevailing wage laws, and trained clients on employment issues.  We have counseled owners and contractors on drafting and negotiating construction contracts.  We have represented both government entities and contractors in the bid process.

Guinness & Buehler's attorneys have used creative techniques to overcome difficult problems, including use of the federal RICO statute to bring a reluctant owner to the bargaining table.

Guinness & Buehler brings large law firm experience to bear on your construction problems at small firm costs.  We enjoy working on construction issues because construction is about building and creating.  Our goal is to resolve your construction issues as quickly and effectively as possible --  so that you can get back to the business of building and creating.

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