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Death is unavoidable, but death taxes don’t have to be.  Guinness & Buehler, LLC  helps its clients to provide for their families after they are gone through wills, trusts, and probate avoidance techniques.  Guinness & Buehler seeks to maximize the transfer of its clients’ hard earned wealth to the next generation by minimizing the tax burden on those transfers.

Some law firms and financial planners often tout trusts as the only way to avoid probate and inheritance taxes.  Although trusts are valuable and sophisticated tools, Guinness & Buehler has other tools at its disposal  –  such as Beneficiary Deeds  –  that can often achieve the same goals at a far lower cost.  But in those cases where trusts are warranted, Guinness & Buehler offers its clients a wealth of experience to craft succession plans that fit the clients’ unique requirements.

Guinness & Buehler provides legal representation and assistance to Personal Representatives (also called “executors”) in Probate Court.  Personal Representatives have the difficult task of carrying out the deceased’s last wishes and closing the deceased’s financial affairs.  Having experienced legal counsel lessens that burden.

Guinness & Buehler also represents clients in Probate Court on a variety of other legal issues such as:

Will Contests

Creditors’ claims against the Estate

Omitted spouses’ claims

Discovery of assets

Appointment of guardians and conservators for incapacitated parents or other loved ones

Name changes



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