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Here are some links to several helpful internet resources:

American Arbitration Association:  Provides alternative dispute resolution services nationwide

Casenet:  Search Missouri Courts for case dockets.

Corporations: Search the Missouri Secretary of State's website for corporate information.

Internal Revenue Service:  Guides to federal tax laws and forms

Lincoln County Assessor:  Information on land ownership in Lincoln County Missouri.

Missouri Bar Association:  Information about the role of lawyers in Missouri.

Missouri General Assembly:  Information on pending legislation and the activities of lawmakers.

Missouri Government:  Missouri's portal to all State government activities and resources.

Missouri Supreme Court:  Opinions from the Missouri Supreme Court and information about Missouri's courts

Revised Statutes of Missouri:  The codification of Missouri's state statutes.

St. Charles City:  Portal to services and information from the County of St. Charles.

St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau: How to plan and enjoy your trip to St. Charles.

St. Charles County:  Portal to services and information from the County of St. Charles.

St. Charles Library:  "Your Answer Place" . . . and it is!  Many online resources and databases.

United States Code:  The codification of the federal statutes of the United States of America

United States District Court:  The federal trial level court for the eastern half of Missouri



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