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Guinness & Buehler, LLC has extensive experience in the continually changing field of employment law. Guinness & Buehler's attorneys are adept in guiding management through all employment issues, including those relating to providing legal advice or training on issues arising from hiring, performance evaluations, disciplinary action, termination, harassment prevention and discrimination claims. Guinness & Buehler's goal is to help employees and management avoid conflicts, while attaining a good work environment to achieve business objectives.

Guinness & Buehler routinely drafts and reviews employment agreements of various types, including non-disclosure, non-compete, and confidentiality agreements. 

Guinness & Buehler represents executives who are seeking legal advice in evaluating severance arrangements (separation agreements), early retirement proposals, etc. and in resolving conflicts with their present and former employers.

Guinness & Buehler regularly litigates employment matters in both federal and state courts and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR).

Guinness & Buehler represents employees and employers on various claims, including:

Racial Discrimination (Title VII and Missouri Human Rights Act)

Sexual and Gender Discrimination (Title VII, Title IX, and MHRA)

Whistleblower cases

Age Discrimination (ADEA)

Disability Discrimination (ADA)

Religious Discrimination

Overtime and Minimum Wage (FLSA)

Severance Disputes

Buy/Sell agreements

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