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The attorneys of Guinness & Buehler, LLC have extensive experience representing employees who have been injured while at work.  An injured employee might ask, “Do I need an attorney?”  Often times, the answer is “Yes”.  If you suffer an injury at your job, please remember that you must act promptly or risk losing the benefits provided by Missouri law to injured workers.  In our experience, when a claim is contested or disputed, an injured employee rarely has the ability to obtain the best results possible on his or her own.  Contested cases involve sophisticated legal, medical, and factual issues that require experienced legal guidance.  If you are having difficulty with an employer or insurance company in a contested case, Guinness & Buehler would be happy to assist you. 

Guinness & Buehler has represented both the worker and the insurer in Workers' Compensation cases.  For more than six years, Guinness & Buehler represented the largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance in the State of Missouri.  This dual experience provides Guinness & Buehler with a unique perspective on the Workers' Compensation process that allows us to better represent either the injured worker or employer.

Insurance companies do not willingly open their purse strings  –  this is a fact of life.    Insurance companies often will discount or deny claims based on pre-existing conditions and limit the amount of medical treatment that an injured employee receives.   In order to obtain a reasonable result, a law firm must know what points are persuasive to an insurance adjustor.  Guinness & Buehler's depth of experience allows us to sift through the paperwork and recognize what will be most effective to get the job done.  The injured worker's inexperience and lack of knowledge gives the insurance company an advantage over the worker.  Guinness & Buehler can help to level the playing field to assist you in receiving all of the benefits that you are entitled to by law.  This includes weekly disability payments, medical treatment, and an award of money to compensate you for any permanent disability that you have suffered.

Guinness & Buehler provides injured workers with one-on-one attention.  When you have questions that arise, you will be able to speak with the attorney handling your case – not a  paralegal or secretary.  Our Firm prides itself on prompt and professional service. 


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